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See What Techies and Startup Founders are Saying About TechOut LA

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At our TechOut LA event, like-minded yet unique and innovative individuals joined to share their thoughts, listen to presentations, and explore innovative solutions to today’s technology issues. We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched TechOut Events, which features more than 40 videos from the event, so you can relive moments whether you attended the event, or didn’t have the opportunity to go. A number of entrepreneurs, startup founders, techies, hackers, educators, and more were in attendance, including Brian Foley, co-founder of Buddytruk; Enrique Legaspi, Roosevelt High star educator; Brent Bushnell, co-founder of Two Bit Circus; and Jason Okuma, founder of JATI Inc, who is considered to be a major influencer in the LA entrepreneur scene.

Not only can you watch keynote speeches, panels, and highlight reels, we’re excited to share a number of testimonial videos from attendees. While they all had their own unique answer in response to what they enjoyed most about the event, many all tied back to one common theme: the opportunity for minds — both young and old, experienced and new — to come together to talk about innovation, tech and entrepreneurism.

Oscar Menjivar, the founder and CEO of Teens Exploring Technology, enjoyed the diversity of the event, sharing that “I love the fact that you’re bringing people together to discuss technology issues … what’s special [about this conference] is the different types of people at the conference. I enjoy the diversity of it.”

Along with connecting people, TechOut LA connected communities. Audrey Bellis, of and Indie Desk, enjoyed the event’s ability to shed light on Downtown Los Angeles’ tech hub, which many people aren’t aware of. “The highlight that I enjoyed most was to see and hear so many people who are really passionate about bridging the gaps between Silicon Beach, downtown, and other small pockets … that always fall into the shadows … LA is a flourishing and growing place and we need to hear more of those stories.”

Similarly, Anil Pattni, founder of OC Hackerz, shared, “My favorite part was the panel discussion about all of the active things that are happening in LA and how TechOut evolved and [got to] where it is today — the future of TechOut LA and where it plays a role in this whole Silicon Beach culture of momentum in LA. This event has pulled in people from San Francisco, I saw people from Scotland…”

As you can see from these testimonials and nearly two dozen others, TechOut events are unlike any tech conference you’ve been to. They are immersive and interactive experiences for entrepreneurs, students, techies, educators, hackers, creators, and more. These events unite technology communities and brings together so many different minds who are passionate about technology. What’s even better is that TechOut events aren’t just in Los Angeles. TechOut has already reached cities around the globe, including Hong Kong, Edinburgh, Dubai, Chicago, Houston, Oakland, Las Vegas, Orange County, and San Francisco.

The first TechOut was inspired by a global partnership between Pro Speaker Content, We Are The Future and Mack Sennett Studios. With the support of these sponsors, TechOut LA was a huge success — and a catalyst for TechOuts around the world. Without our sponsors (or attendees!) TechOut wouldn’t have been able to expand the way it has. Dying to see TechOut in your city? Contact us to bring the movement to your hometown! Together, we can expand the world’s most innovative conference community.

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