6 Apps To Make Your Valentine’s Day Even Better

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6 Apps To Make Your Valentine’s Day Even Better

Valentine’s Day is approaching, which means Americans everywhere will be creating handmade cards, buying roses and chocolate, and trying to think of creative and romantic plans for the big day. If it seems like Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal to most, think again. In 2014, Americans spent nearly $18 billion for the holiday, from presents to dessert.

It only makes sense then that there are more than a handful of apps that can help make your Valentine’s Day plans even better, whether you have a date or are flying solo. Here, we’ve collected some of the best of the bunch:

Helpful Romantic
Want to sweep your sweetie off his or her feet but can’t think of the perfect plan? Let Helpful Romantic help. This app offers creative and unique suggestions based on your significant other’s personality. With a little help from technology, you’ll have a romantic evening planned.

No date? No plans? No problem! With Gravy, you can easily find something fun to do wherever you live. Select from categories such as “Classy,” “Brainy,” or “Lively,” and Gravy will help you find a fun event taking place in your local area.

Making dinner reservations on Valentine’s Day can be a nightmare if you don’t plan weeks ahead. Luckily, OpenTable makes it easier for the last minute planners or undeciders. With this app, you can search through restaurants and find one that fits your style and mood.

Love Poems
You have a great card but you don’t know what to write. Take a page from great minds and poets alike with Love Poems. This app hosts a collection of romantic poems. Scroll through and you’ll find the one that perfectly says what you’re thinking.

Ready to spice things up at a party or blind date? Take out your iPad and play Fingle. This game is like Twister for fingers, forcing you and your date to get intimate (with your fingers, anyway).

Wine Spectator WineRatings+
Planning a romantic dinner at home? Use Wine Spectator WineRatings+ to help you pick out the perfect bottle of wine. This app features wine ratings and reviews, plus educational info if you’re not a wine connoisseur. The app can also help you pick out the best wine within your budget, no matter how big or small.

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