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TechOut Houston 2016 – Calling All Early Adopters!

TechOut Houston for startups, entrepreneurs, energy industry, educators

In 2014, education, technology, and innovation merged into an event called TechOut LA. The one-day conference brought together more than 300 entrepreneurs, over 50 students, over 20 exhibitors, and countless community partners for a day of hands-on inspiration.

We created TechOut to bring together tech founders, VC funders, entrepreneurs, educators and students behind one goal: to ignite the entrepreneurial spark in ourselves and our youth. From students studying technology in school to successful startup leaders, teachers, and developers, TechOut offers innovators the rare opportunity to meet with other creators and builders from around the world.

As entrepreneurs who work with thought leaders, speakers, and innovators, we knew the conference industry needed an event like TechOut. It was incredible to speak with young students — our future innovators — and see the spark in their eyes and the excitement they felt to be part of this movement. With nearly 30 speakers from Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and around the globe, TechOut truly brought together a thriving community you couldn’t find anywhere else. We knew TechOut would expand beyond Los Angeles; it was just a matter of time.

One year later, we’re bringing the TechOut movement to Houston, a city that has been transforming into a tech capital over the last few years. The Pro Speaker Content and TechOut teams are headed to Houston this month to meet with key members of its startup, energy and entrepreneur communities. TechOut is all about community, and we can’t wait to see what innovation we find in Space City.

TechOut Houston will be an interactive event like TechOut LA but with new and exciting speakers, exhibitors, and guests. Our goal is for TechOut to be more than just an event, but also a movement. But we can’t build the movement without you —we need your help. We’re looking for early adopters and frontline innovators, from speakers to sponsors to volunteers to attendees, who want to be a part of a community that aspires to make a difference in the tech community. Just as with TechOut LA, TechOut Houston won’t be possible without the support and contributions from people like you who value innovation and who understand the importance of bringing together influencers, developers, creators, and students alike.

Are you a Houston innovator ready to take part in the TechOut Houston movement? Email With your help, we can make TechOut Houston a powerful forum for uniting energy, tech and entrepreneurism.

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